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Shops and Commercial Establishments

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Shops and Commercial Establishments

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Employers who hire temporary staff, companies who outsource work or hiring agencies all needs to comply to standards that offer companies and individuals greater protection against fraud and illegality. Digital KBMS will assist certification bodies with their job certifying against these standards. These standards include requirements for checking and assessing any company that provides workers for the purpose of working under the supervision or direction of a third party and for testing and assessing any contractor or subcontractor in order to determine that they are organised in such a way that it may be safely assumed that obligations from employment are complied with.

  • The Shops & Commercial Establishments Act, 1958 and Rules framed there under are applicable to all the shops & commercial establishments in the State of Haryana.
  • Every employer is required to register his/her Shop / Commercial Establishment through on-line Registration system. The Authority to register any shop or commercial establishment shall lie with the Registering Authority/ Inspector of the area concerned.
  • At the time of Registration, the employer shall fill the prescribed application in ‘Form-F’ & ‘Form-B’ accompanied by the prescribed fee.‘Form-B’ is statutory if the establishment employs a number of employees.

  Registration Certificate: 

The applicant may download the Registration Certificate whenever the application is approved by the competent authority/Labour Inspector of the concerned area. The Certificate will be computer generated and is valid for the purpose of Registration only under the State of Apply Shops & Commercial Establishments Act, 1958. The Registration Certificate shall be renewed by 31st March after the expiry of every 3 years block. The validity period of the Shop/Commercial Establishment will be calculated by the computer from the Date of Commencement of business in case of Fresh Registration and Last validity date in case of Renewal of Registration




  1. Aadhar card  

  2. Pan Card

  3. Bank Details

  4. Scanned Signature

  5. Electricity bill/ ownership proof

  6. Photograph Of Shop (2 Front, 2 Inside)

  7. Employee Details

  8. Details of the shop/commercial establishment as per Form F & B.

  9. Scanned copy of Proof of Establishment i.e. Lease Deed/Rent Deed; Registration Deed; or Any other proof of possession of Shop/Commercial Establishment like electricity bill/telephone bill/bank account and affidavit etc.

  10. Front photo of shop or commercial establishment covering the surroundings of the said establishment.

  11. Scanned copy of treasury challan if fee is already paid using the Treasury Challan.


An intimation regarding the names of employees, working hours and interval for rest etc. must be given in the prescribed Form-‘A’ to the Labour Inspector of the area concerned in whose jurisdiction the establishment falls within 15 days after the registration of the establishment and if any change occurs in future the same forma must be sent to the concerned Labour Inspector within seven days.

If any change regarding the particulars of the Establishment is sought, send information in the prescribed Form-G to the concerned Labour Inspector of the area.


   The registration fee (fresh or renewal) prescribed hereunder for different categories of establishments is to be paid along with the Application submitted under Form-F and -B.





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Shops and Commercial Establishments