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Digital Signature Certificate

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This is a physical signature of Electronic format. DSC Signature are used in online transactions such as Filing Incorporation of Company,Income Tax E- Filing , E- Tenders , Annual Return ,LLP Incorporation Etc. Digital Signature is of 3 types , Class 1 , Class 2, Class 3 . Class 1 Dsc is used for securing Email communications . Class II DSC is used for company Registration , Return Filing , DIN, DPIN, Etc. Class 3 DSC are used for E- tendering and Auctions. Digital Signature is done by DIGITAL KB MANAGEMENT SERVICE .DSC (Digital Security Controls) is a world leader in electronic security. Since the company’s genesis, the experts at DSC have been leading the way. From our revolutionary control panels, to our industry-leading IP alarm monitoring products and now to our sleek, contemporary self-contained wireless panels, DSC has always been front and center in the security space


  • Using digital signatures over paper and ink signatures comes with many advantages. Don't waste time sending your contracts in the mail. Sending documents digitally is faster and more cost-efficient. Never be without an important document again
  • Digital Signature Validity is One or two Years  and  They can be easily Renewed .
  • Its process is very quick  One can get confirmation of  DSC  in 1-4  days from date of submitting the application with required documents
  • Digital Signature Class II is used for LLP  Registrations, E- filing Etc.
  • DSC Certificate are stored in secure Usb drive Its name of E-token .
  • DSC 3 is used for E- Auctions and E- Tendering .



    1. Application Form
    2. Identity proof ( Pan card)
    3. Address proof ( Aadhar Card)
    4. Applicant Photo
    5. 30 sec. video by self-declaration
    6. Email Id
    7. Mobile Number
    1. Application Form
    2. Authorization Letter
    3. Identity proof ( Pan Card)
    4. Organizational proof ( Any Registration certificate)
    5. 30 Sec. Video by Self Declaration
    6. Email Id
    7. Mobile Number

Documents Required for Foreign Nationals


In case the applicant is a Foreign National, please submit the following documents for identity and address proof:

Identity Proof

  1. Attested copy of Applicant Passport
  2. Attested copy of VISA (If applicant is out of native country).
  3. Attested copy of Resident Permit certificate (If applicant is in India)

Address Proof

  1. Attested copy of Applicant Passport
  2. Attested copy of any other Government issued Address Proof

The identity and address proof of foreign nationals must be attested by the following authorities:

  1. Embassy of Native Country (If applicant is out of native country)
  2. Apostilized by Native Country, after Public Notary (if country is in Hague Convention)
  3. Consularized by Native Country, after Public Notary (if country is not in Hague Convention) 

Road  Map of  DSC

Filing our Simple Form

First fill your details in our simple from with attached Documents


Attached Documents

We will Complete check your Required Documents After that we apply DSC on your behalf.It will take 1 WORKING DAY

DSC and Token

Digital Signature and E Token sent by courier at your address.It will take 2 WORKING DAYS

Your DSC work is now completed

We will be happy to help  further assistance any other services .


(DSC) Package

Application Processing

Same day Processing

USB Token

FAQ On Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

1.What is the process of obtaining DSC Authority

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) applicants can directly approach Certifying Authorities (CAs) with original supporting documents, and self-attested copies will be sufficient in this case
• DSCs can also be obtained, wherever offered by CA, using Aadhar eKYC based authentication, and supporting documents are not required in this case
• A letter/certificate issued by a Bank containing the DSC applicant’s information as retained in the Bank database can be accepted. Such letter/certificate should be certified by the BankManager .

2. What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital equivalent (that is electronic format) of physical or paper certificates. Few Examples of physical certificates are drivers' licenses, passports or membership cards. Certificates serve as proof of identity of an individual for a certain purpose; for example, a driver's license identifies someone who can legally drive in a particular country. Likewise, a digital certificate can be presented electronically to prove one’s identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally.

3. Why is Digital Signature Required

Physical documents are signed manually, similarly, electronic documents, for example e-forms are required to be signed digitally using a Digital Signature Certificate.

4. Who issues the Digital Signature Certificate?

A licensed Certifying Authority (CA) issues the digital signature. Certifying Authority (CA) means a person who has been granted a license to issue a digital signature certificate under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000.





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Class 3 Digital Signature for 3 years

Digital Signature Certificate